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Legal Notes

The Tuscan Economic Promotion Agency, in accordance with resolutions made by Regional Council no. 698 of 08/10/2008 and no. 773 of 06/10/2008, with which the association took note of the approval by the European Commission of the Regional Operational Programme (ROP), under the Regional Competitiveness and Employment objective 2007–2013 European Regional Development Fund of the Tuscan Region and approved the guidelines for the Tuscan Economic Promotion Agency to draw up an implementing plan for 2008–2010, signed with the Fondazione Sistema Toscana a convention to entrust to the Fondazione Sistema Toscana the role of implementing entity of the Communication Campaign of the Tuscany Brand – “Voglio vivere così. In Toscana” project until 31/12/2010. While carrying out the project and prior to the end of the convention, the Tuscan Economic Promotion Agency and the Tuscan Region (letter Prot. 301701/m 8.30pm of 24/11/2010) approved the extension of the aforesaid communication campaign for some of the activities provided for in the project forms and then, again, nearing the end of the extension, the Regional Council, with resolution no. 1067 of 28/11/2011 filed “ROP CREO 2007-2013. Intervention measure 5.5 – Implementing marketing initiatives for the purpose of sustainable tourism. Special promotional projects – Guidelines to APET-Tuscany Promotion to draw up and present projects” approved the guidelines to the Tuscan Economic Promotion Agency to implement Intervention measure 5.5a of POR CREO FESR 2007–2013 to draw up and present projects pertaining to themed tourism projects aimed at creating a new communication campaign for the Tuscan Region for 2012–2013. In view of the aforesaid, the following is set out and noted:

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