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About Around Francigena

There are many areas of Italy that, while the Via Francigena does not run through them, are pilgrim ways all the same; there are important roads travelled by Sigerico, Archbishop of Canterbury, as well as other roads that were used by wayfarers to reach Rome. Hence their name, "Roman roads".

There are also the ancient roads characterized by important places of worship, which have been visited by pilgrims over the centuries. These "lesser" routes have contributed towards creating an actual pilgrim "network" all over Europe.

The aim of the "Around Francigena" project is to promote the various Tuscan historical and religious itineraries, at the same time promoting the area and developing sustainable tourism.

For this reason, Gal Leader Siena, Gal Appennino and Gal Lungiana have created the initiative – making the most of the new opportunities offered by the web – to breathe new life into the Via Francigena and the roads of faith.